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Old and New ACE Diet PIlls

Brought to you by:  Cathy Broadrick

I quit selling SABA products over a year ago and will never go back to those types of stimulant products that got banned by the FDA.  What a horrible company to ignore the FDA and lie to their associates even though other retailers products were being seized.  I feel foolish for falling for their hype about why ACE was changed.

I have now switched to a great product called Keto//OS made by Pruvit.  Please hit the HOME key.

This was my original post about the change but the new ACE was just horrible and does not work.

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The contents are substantially different between the old and new ACE Diet Pills.

While there are similarities in some components like Green Tea, Chromium, Caffeine, Vandium, B6 and B12, there are substantial differences.

New formula ACE Diet Pill

SABA’s new exclusive ACE formula contains the top five most effective weight loss ingredients:  Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Saffron Extract, Konjac Root Extract and Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

Each of these ingredients would costs you $30 for a 30 day supply if manufactured to standard weight loss specifications but you can get them all with the ACE Diet Pills.




I lost 27 lbs on the original ACE in 4 months. 2 week detox then started the reformulated ACE and have lost another 13. Total of 40 lbs in less than 6 months! Thank you SABA for helping me achieve these goals and teaching me to live a heathier life style. I’m far from done as I’m still over 200 lbs but I know my dreams are achievable with SABA products and proper education of them.
BEST thing I think I’ve heard on here in weeks (aside from someone else saying “a pill WON’T make you gain weight”) – Appetite CONTROL (ACE) … NOT Suppressant. HOLY Bejeezus ..is that a revelation, OR WHAT?! BIG ‘aha moment’ from a hardcore original ACE lover here. You’re supposed to eat. AND you’re supposed to WANT to eat too! 

What I love about the NEW ACE formula is.. I AM HUNGRY. Not starving, just hungry. The appetite CONTROL when I DO eat.. is PHENOMENAL!! I don’t eat near the amount I used to, and there are NO going for seconds – I’m lucky if I can finish what’s on my plate. I’m getting fuller, FASTER – and that ‘satisfied feeling’ is lasting longer. On days where we have LOTS to do.. I add am300 – the combo makes me feel superhuman and left wanting to go VROOM VROOM! *without the wheels* I LOOVE it!

Remember.. change does not roll in on wheels of the inevitability, but comes from continuous growth. We must straighten our backs and work for WHAT we want. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining weight is hard. Staying overweight is hard. CHOOSE YOUR HARD!!  xx

New ACE personal testimony: I was on the ‘old’ ACE for about 8 months and went from roughly 200 pounds (size 16) to 145 (size 6/8). I was one of those people that stockpiled the old ACE after trying the reformulated Ace for one week when my first autoship came in (without detoxing). I wanted to be sure I had enough ‘old’ ace to reach my weight loss goals. I didn’t feel the energy at all the week I was on the ‘new’ Ace and it made me sick when I took it the same way I did the old (on an empty stomach, eating breakfast about 45 minutes later.)

Shortly after, Joe and Clark released the video and the information about detoxing and I followed it to the letter. I took two weeks off of ALL stimulants, sugar, caffeine etc and completed the fat flush diet. Today is my first day on the new Ace…and all I can say is WOW! I’m glad I didn’t let the negative comments discourage me – I have so much energy today and actually had to force down my serving of oatmeal and grapefruit for breakfast. I think the energy is actually BETTER on the new. My mood is great as well; even after being up all night with a sick toddler. My best advice – the detox is hard at first, but STICK with it and actually take the recommended two weeks off. I havent felt this good in a long time. And for those worried about gaining without the Ace for two weeks – I am actually down 5.5 pounds from my two week detox!

(feel free to share if you would like!)

New ACE, X-treme 5000 and SABA Evening Appetite Control  are just a few of the products available at my on-line STORE  —


how easy it is to order with FREE shipping and no tax.

On November 4, 2013, SABA announced the addition of SABA Evening Appetite Control (SEAC) to its already impressive line of products. Used with ACE Diet Pills, this is possibly the most effective combo of products SABA has offered.


!! New Combo


INFORMATION:  http://cathybroadrick.com/saba-evening-appetite-control/

UPDATE ON 11-14-2013

I’m seeing a lot of post regarding the lack of perceived energy with the new ACE.  I need everyone to understand that the new formula doesn’t give the stimulant high that the old formula did, rather it works in a much more cognitive manner. What I mean is, its a much more complex process at work. A more natural method to achieve the same result.
The new formula WILL help you to lose weight! It will make you feel better.  It just does it without the drawback of stimulant overload.  I ask you to trust the science behind it and follow the usage guidelines that been set forth.  We are all a part of a HUGE evolutionary breakthrough in weight loss supplementation!  Don’t let predisposed notions of how a weight loss supplement is “supposed to work” cloud your opinion.  The new ACE is just one of many new and exciting things to come.  Believe in SABA and the direction it is  headed…THE TOP OF THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY!


New ACE and SABA Evening Appetite Control  are just a few of the products available at my on-line STORE  —


how easy it is to order with FREE shipping and no tax.


My name is Cathy Broadrick, and I want to tell you how you can lose weight. I have used many products over the years. I am determined to stop my yoyo weight problems. I have finally found a product I believe in. Part of that confidence is that I understand myself better and know that if I commit in writing this blog, I am more likely to hold myself accountable. Weight loss makes people smile.

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21 comments on “Old and New ACE Diet PIlls
  1. Mique says:

    Cathy, this comparison of the ACE diet pill is so very helpful! For quick weight loss AND energy, it sounds like BOTH formulas of ACE are top notch! Thanks for sharing this information on the ACE diet pill!

  2. Lisa says:


    Have you tried the new formula and how does it compare to the old pills

  3. Cathy Broadrick says:

    I have been taking the new ACE for the past 5 days and love it. I have more energy than I do with original ACE and the appetite suppressant is just as effective. I haven’t had jitters or hunger pain and have been able to keep my calories under 1200 easily. That is what I need it to do for my weight maintenance goals. Even all this halloween candy around the house hasn’t tempted me. Others in the test group who have taken the new ACE for a month or so are reporting continued weight loss with the new formula. I’ll keep posting their results.

  4. Michelle says:

    I just want to say I have been taking ace for three weeks now I have lost 4lbs. I don’t feel I have any extra energy but I do not get hungry. before I would get off work at 5pm and get home around 6and I would eat anything and everything I could get my hands on. and now I eat very little something like a few slices of turkey piece of fruit unsweet tea etc but I think not starving walking in the door helps me eat better. I hope this helps

  5. Sandy says:

    I have been taking the new Ace for a week. It doesn’t work as well as the old. Not sure I can keep using the new pills. Feel like I am wasting my money.

  6. Lorrie Blaylock says:

    The old formula works much better…I am so disappointed the formula has been changed! Why change a product that was working so well already. The old formula gave me so much more energy that lasted all day and I had to force myself to eat…now taking the new formula, I don’t have as much energy and hunger pains are back…

  7. Melissa says:

    Where can I get the old formula?

  8. malissa says:

    I started w/ the original samples & loved it!!! Ordered the new, haven’t opened yet, just been using samples….must say I don’t feel its as good….is original gone forever???

  9. Cathy Broadrick says:

    Old Formula ACE is still availabe at http://www.acejourney.lovemyace.com/go/bus-aboutme

    • jen says:

      I just ordered the new formula from you I’m so upset they change the old one the new one does not work for me.I’m canceling my auto ship. Is the old formula gone for good?
      Thanks Jen

  10. Pamela Novotny says:

    I have tried the new Ace but was taking the old ACE and I absolutely do not like it, I have gained weight, there seems to be no appetite suppression at all in this one, there are times I have to stop and think “Did I even take it today” hasnt worked at all for me. Is the Old ACE safe to take as I wasnt to go back to the old but is it bad for you???? Because why did they change it if there wasnt something that was bad for you???

  11. Cathy Broadrick says:

    Many people have been getting a slower start on the new ACE than with the Original. SABA has announced its new Evening Appetite Control Pills to work in combination with this new ACE. Read my latest blog about this great new addition:

    and yes, the old ACE is safe to take. Thousands of customers have taken the product with DMAA as recommended safely and with great results.

  12. crissie says:

    I was wondering why they made a new formula if everyone loved the old one and I have hears a lot of people say they do not like the new because they feel hungry!!! I wonder if they made the new ACE so they can offer the new product of appetite control to make more money!!! I love the old ACE and I just got the new ACE in today and will try it soon………

  13. Jeanna says:

    I love the new ACE Diet Pills. I have lost 10 pounds in a month. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. LOVE IT!

  14. Linda says:

    I loved the old gray ACE!
    do not like the new formula—-gives me heartburn and not enuf energy.
    Can I get the old ACE anywhere??????????????

  15. Kendra says:

    Hi, where can I buy the old ace formula? This one is giving me a heavy case of the bloats.

  16. Marcie says:

    I have taken the “old” ACE for over a year. LOVED IT. Although I had to take a break due to an ulcer. It was completely out of my system and I just started the “new” ACE. Very very unhappy. It makes me naseaous and jittery and gives me a headache. I feel VERY bad on it. I even tortured myself for 5 days on it. No more. I have a friend who likes it very much. I’m giving it to her. Now how do I get my old ACE back? And I don’t want the “evening control”. That just gets me to spend MORE money. I was happy with what I had before.

  17. amber james says:

    I loved the old ace . I lost 45 lbs on it. But I have been conserned as well Because I gained weight and ate more not becuz I wamted to but I stay hungary. :( wished they would come back out with it. Its too expensizve to buy two bottles of different stuff .plus I dont want to take two different things.

  18. bridget says:

    I took the old ace formula and absolutely LOVED it. I have a low thyroid and I had tried many things. With ACE I lost 30 lbs and felt good for once. The new ace formula just does not work for me, I can’t even tell I take anything. I wish the old ACE was still available. They should do both and have a choice for us consumers!!!!!

  19. Alfredo Chavez says:

    I lost 45 pounds in about three months with the old ace last year. I have gained 15 pounds this years using new I don’t like it. My friend is the one who sells me the ace and she said the old ace is gone forever is this true? The red xtreme ace make me feel weird so I don’t use that one either

  20. Gina Presson says:

    Can you still get the old ace?

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